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As with any Open-source project (and even most closed-source projects), there are a number of questions that creep up quite often. Here is our attempt to cover some of those questions regarding the IchthuX project.

Q: What does the name IchthuX mean?

A: The name IchthuX comes from the greek word ichthus, which means fish. The symbol of the fish is one of the most ancient and meaningful Christian symbols, because ichthus stands for Iesous (Jesus) CHristos (Christ) THeou (God) Uios (Son) Soter (Savior), which thus means : Jesus, Son of God, Savior. The X comes from Unix, as many Unix-based systems and programs have an X at the end of their names.

Q: Explain to me how an OS can be geared to Christians? Software isn't religious in nature....

A: This isn't really a question, but we'll try to answer it anyway. Software can not make you know Jesus any better, but it can aid you as you search for answers to questions or for fellowship. IchthuX includes Bible study software (most notably the Sword Project) as well as having bookmarks to several great sites and chat servers. In addition to these resources, there are other tools that are used on a weekly basis by churches. Many churches use Powerpoint and a LCD projector to help people to know what song is being sung by the worship leader. With the aid of Open Office these churches will not need to spend a lot of money on such software as they have in the past.

Q: How can this be an operating system and not install anything on a computer?

A1: Magic.
A2: The releases up to this point have been live-cds. This means that all of the programs are saved on the CD. Anything that is done while using the CD (unless you choose differently) is kept in memory. When you restart the computer, everything is reset. This may sound a little distasteful if you wanted to save a document you were working on, so we do provide ways to save files to a HD or floppy disk. We are also planning to release a version which can be installed onto the computer, but don't have a release date on that yet.

Q: Why would you use Linux? It's harder to work with than Windows.

A: It can be, yes. It does not have to be too difficult to use, though. We have based this live-cd off of Knoppix which is well-known for being one of the easiest distributions to get up-and-running with little to no work -- even for someone who has never heard of linux before. On the other hand, we feel that when you start poking around with your operating system (OS), linux provides you with much more power than some other operating systems.

Q: Shouldn't people be aware of the consequences of such a drastic change of software?

A: Yes. Linux is virtually virus-free. You don't have to worry about spyware bogging down your system. It's almost scary. On a side note, there are some programs which will not run under Linux, but there is almost always an open-source alternative to the commercial programs that are available.

Q: How much does IchthuX cost?

A: A life of dedication to the open-source community and Christ. OK, OK, we'll settle for you dedicating your life to Christ. :)

Q: Aren't you guys wasting your time on this?

A: If you feel this way, please consider praying for the success of this project. We can use your prayers even if you don't feel this way. :)

Q: You guys have done a great job on creating this joke distro

A: We're glad you think we did a great job, but this is a real distro....

Q: Why go through all this trouble? I'm not going to use IchthuX....

A: That is quite alright with us. We aren't forcing you to use it. You're completely welcome to cry to the people here.
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